NEXA Music _ Official Music Video

Nexa Music
Production House: SilentWind MediaWorks
Creative Head: Kailash Gandhi
Executive Producer: Jibran Khan
Produced By: Qyuki Digital Media Pvt Ltd
Director: Pulkit Garg
DOP: Aditya Sagar
Sgot on - Arri Alexa

Embark on a heartfelt musical journey with the NEXA Music presentation of "Home," a soulful acoustic song by Super Winners Jonathan and Pelenuo. Director of Photography Aditya Sagar, under the direction of Pulkit Gurg, brings this beautiful composition to life through the lens of the ARRI Alexa camera during a three-day shoot in the picturesque locale of Lonavala.

"Home" encapsulates the essence of following long-forgotten dreams and rediscovering the path to happiness. Aditya Sagar's cinematography on the ARRI Alexa camera captures the emotional depth and artistic expression of the song, enhancing the visual storytelling in collaboration with Pulkit Gurg's creative direction.

The three-day shoot in Lonavala provides the perfect backdrop for the music video, with Aditya Sagar utilizing the scenic beauty to create a visual narrative that complements the lyrical journey of "Home." The ARRI Alexa's capabilities shine through as it captures the nuances of the artists' performances against the backdrop of the serene and captivating landscapes.

Pulkit Gurg's direction, coupled with Aditya Sagar's cinematography, ensures that each frame becomes a canvas reflecting the emotional nuances of the song. The visuals unfold seamlessly, allowing the audience to connect with the heartfelt lyrics and melody of "Home."

The collaboration between the artists, the director, and the Director of Photography results in a music video that not only showcases the musical talents of Super Winners Jonathan and Pelenuo but also becomes a visual poem that resonates with the theme of rediscovery and the pursuit of dreams.

NEXA Music, through the lens of Aditya Sagar and under the direction of Pulkit Gurg, delivers a poignant and visually stunning music video with "Home," reinforcing the brand's commitment to presenting exceptional musical experiences. The ARRI Alexa's contribution adds a cinematic quality to the storytelling, making this presentation a true celebration of music and visual artistry.