Food Story Ad – Dal Bafla

Client Name- Culture Machine
Production - Not Rocket Science Studio
DOP/ Director - Aditya Sagar
Studio base food show

Director/Director of Photography: Aditya Sagar Production Studio: Not Rocket Science Studio Client: Culture Machine Camera Setup: Single Camera Shoot Type: Studio-Based

Step into the delectable world of "Culinary Canvas," a mouthwatering food story ad film crafted by the talented team at Not Rocket Science Studio. Helmed by Director and Director of Photography Aditya Sagar, this project was undertaken for Culture Machine, resulting in a visually captivating piece shot entirely with a single camera within the studio confines.

Aditya Sagar's dual role as both the director and the director of photography allows for a seamless and unified vision throughout the project. The decision to use a single camera setup in the studio reflects a commitment to simplicity and an intimate exploration of the culinary narrative.

The studio setting becomes a blank canvas for Aditya Sagar's lens, allowing for meticulous framing and attention to detail. Each shot is carefully composed to highlight the textures, colors, and artistry involved in the culinary process, creating a visual feast for the audience.

The absence of multiple cameras adds an element of focus to the shoot, enabling Aditya Sagar to craft a narrative that unfolds with precision and flair. The controlled environment of the studio provides the opportunity to capture the nuances of the culinary story with clarity and finesse.

The collaboration between Not Rocket Science Studio and Culture Machine results in a project where the simplicity of a single-camera setup allows the culinary art to take center stage. Aditya Sagar's expertise as both director and director of photography ensures that every frame contributes to the overall visual storytelling, creating a piece that is not only appetizing but also aesthetically pleasing.

"Culinary Canvas" stands as a testament to the creative prowess of Not Rocket Science Studio, where the fusion of culinary art and visual storytelling, guided by Aditya Sagar's vision, creates a delectable and visually engaging ad film for Culture Machine.