Unplugged Harmonies

Client Name - Tata Sky
Production - Sage Film
Director - Amit Anand
DOP- Aditya Sagar
8 Camera SetUPN Studio Show
Music Album

Indulge in the melodic tapestry of "Unplugged Harmonies," a musical extravaganza brought to life through the lens of Director of Photography Aditya Sagar. Produced by Sage Films and broadcasted on Tata Sky, this studio-based music video show stands out with its 8-camera setup, creating a visually rich experience for the audience.

Hosted by the legendary Javed Akhtar, "Unplugged Harmonies" invites renowned singers to showcase their musical prowess in an intimate studio setting. Aditya Sagar's cinematography skillfully captures the essence of each performance, creating a visual symphony that complements the diverse range of musical genres featured on the show.

The 8-camera setup allows for dynamic and immersive coverage, ensuring that every nuance of the singers' performances is captured from multiple angles. Aditya Sagar's expertise in orchestrating the visual elements enhances the overall experience, bringing the audience closer to the soulful renditions of the artists.

The studio base provides a controlled environment for the musical magic to unfold, and Aditya Sagar's lens captures the subtle emotions, expressions, and the sheer talent of each performer. The lighting and camera composition contribute to the visual storytelling, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the heart of the music.

Javed Akhtar, with his charismatic hosting, becomes the bridge between the audience and the performers, setting the stage for memorable musical moments. Aditya Sagar's cinematography ensures that the visual narrative aligns seamlessly with the show's objective - to showcase the raw, unfiltered beauty of live music.

"Unplugged Harmonies" becomes a visual treat for music enthusiasts, with Aditya Sagar's camera work elevating the show beyond a mere performance space. The collaboration between Sage Films, Javed Akhtar, and Aditya Sagar results in a series that not only celebrates the talents of renowned singers but also pays homage to the artistry of cinematography, making it a must-watch for music lovers on Tata Sky.