Ganga The Soul Of India

Zee Tv
Living Food Channel
Director - Apritam Khare
DOP- Aditya Sagar
Travel Show

Embark on a captivating visual journey along the sacred Ganges River with "Ganga - The Soul of India," a mesmerizing television show that brings to life the beauty and rich culture that flourishes along the banks of this sacred river. As the Director of Photography for this three-month spectacle, Aditya sagar and a team of six skilled cameramen utilized the cutting-edge Canon 1DC Mark 2 cameras to capture the essence of the Ganges, spanning from Gangotri to Ganga Sagar.

Guided by the radiant presence of renowned actress Diya Mirza, the show takes viewers on an immersive exploration of the Ganga's enchanting landscapes and the vibrant cultures that have thrived in its proximity for centuries. The host, Diya Mirza, adds depth and emotion to the narrative, connecting the audience to the soul-stirring stories woven into the fabric of the Ganges.

Under the direction of the talented Apritam Khare, the production unfolds as a visual feast, seamlessly blending the natural beauty of the Ganges with the cultural richness of the communities that call its shores home. From the tranquil and pristine surroundings of Gangotri to the vibrant festivities of Ganga Sagar, every frame captures the diverse tapestry of life along the river.

The Canon 1DC Mark 2 cameras, wielded by Aditya sagar and the dedicated cameraman team, elevate the visual storytelling, ensuring every nuance is preserved with breathtaking clarity. The technical precision, combined with the artistic vision of the team, brings to life the dynamic energy of the Ganges, making it a character in its own right throughout the show.

This Zee TV in-house production for Living Food Channel stands as a testament to the dedication, creativity, and technical expertise of the entire team. "Ganga - The Soul of India" invites viewers to witness the beauty of the Ganges like never before, transcending mere visuals to capture the spiritual and cultural essence that makes the river the soul of India.


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