Chef On Wheel

Zee Tv
Living Food
Director-Lopa Mudra
DOP-Aditya Sagar
Host Chef- Gautam Mehrishi
Travel Food Show

Embarking on a culinary adventure like no other, I had the privilege of being part of the "Chef on Wheel" show on Living Food, a captivating journey directed by the talented Lopa Mudra. This unique culinary experience unfolded beneath the expansive canvas of daylight, as we traversed from one village to another, capturing the essence of local flavors and traditions.

Under the sunlit skies, our two-camera setup, meticulously orchestrated, sought to immortalize the gastronomic expertise of the renowned celebrity chef Gautam Maharshi. The choice to predominantly use natural daylight added an authentic touch to the visual narrative, allowing the vibrant colors of fresh produce and the rustic charm of each village to shine through.

Working closely with the visionary director Lopa Mudra, the show seamlessly blended the art of cooking with the allure of travel. From the bustling markets to the serene landscapes, each episode unfolded as a celebration of diverse culinary cultures. Lopa's keen directorial eye ensured that every frame was a visual delight, capturing the raw beauty of each village we visited.

The nomadic nature of the show, as we journeyed from one village to another, added a dynamic element to the production. It not only showcased the diverse culinary practices but also highlighted the cultural richness embedded in each locale. The result was a series that not only satisfied the palate but also took the audience on a sensory expedition through the heart of rural life.

This two-camera shoot, coupled with the creative brilliance of Director Lopa Mudra, turned "Chef on Wheel" into an unforgettable experience. It was a culinary escapade where the magic of food and the enchantment of travel converged, creating a show that resonates with the beauty found in simplicity and the authenticity of local flavors.